Why are we here?

Creating a brighter future for our immigrant communities in Boston

Survival in an urban environment is a challenge for any young person. For the youth of immigrant families, it’s an even bigger task. One that’s next to impossible to face alone.

YoFES is a powerful support for children who have a disadvantaged start in life. With a keen awareness of the ways our kids are affected by social inequality in Boston neighborhoods, we are armed with a transformative toolkit of inspirational mentors and educators to provide a sanctuary where kids can come to develop their potential to survive in the outside world.

We succeed in strengthening communities, supporting families and raising healthy children in the face of poverty, social inequity, and the challenges of cultural transition. By providing access to quality education, enrichment opportunities and healthcare, YoFES is the vitally needed safe community in which our next generation of Americans can grow and thrive.



Greater Boston is home to the third largest concentration of Haitians and Haitian Americans in the U.S. Like many immigrant communities, their challenges are many. Among them are unemployment, underemployment, language barriers, compounded discrimination common to many of African descent. The result is a community that all too frequently finds itself on the fringe of a labor market and society. Add to that the struggles faced by many youth of Haitian descent. Many share stories of social isolation, academic challenges and the absence of parents who have to work outside the home to sustain the family and make a living. And that gap is where YoFES comes in.

YoFES strives to build strong families that can raise healthy children in the face of poverty and social inequities. How do we do this? We create interventions that engage community participation in the conception, design, development and implementation of our programs.

YoFES is committed to empowering our economically disadvantaged communities with a range of high-value educational services that strengthen our families. YoFES works to increase parents’ knowledge and understanding of the different stages of child development and provide them with the communication and nurturing skills that strengthen family relations.

We foster youth leadership through innovative and diverse programs. Our youth builders after-school and summer program, peer leadership, health and nutrition education and music programs develop students’ capacities for scholarly, civic and social engagement. It’s YoFES way of preparing youth to be future leaders of their communities.

About YoFES

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YoFestival 2017
May 21 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

YOFESTIVAL is a prize competition promoting Haitian Cultural Heritage. All youth interested in singing, creative writing, drawing or painting and instruments are welcome to participate.

All Haitian or Haitian-American students, ages 8 to 18, are invited to enter the YOFESTIVAL contest in a maximum of two categories. Students

of other ethnic background who wish to participate will receive a special award category called “Friends of Haiti.” Only one piece per person may be entered in any one category.

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