After School Program

There is no question that immigrant children face challenges in adjusting to a new country. It’s the reason YoFES created a quality after school program that serves newly immigrated children to Greater Boston.YoFES After School Program There are two campuses for the after school program which consists of the following:

• After School Program
• Summer Program
• College Pipeline
• Parenting Education and Support

For Middle School Students

The after school program for middle school students is located at the Church of the Holy Spirit, 525 River Street and Cummins Highway, in Mattapan—the heart of Boston’s Haitian Community. Its faculty assists with homework, provides tutoring, and offers enrichment and recreational opportunities for 40 middle school students.

For High School Students

Additionally, YoFES partners with Boston Public Schools to host an after school program at the Newcomers Academy at Boston International High School, 100 Maxwell Street, Dorchester, MA 02124. That program assists 60 English language learners ages 15 to 18, who are entering the U.S. school system for the first time or have gaps in their formal education.

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