SCHEDULE PREFERENCE: We will do our best to schedule your child’s lesson (30 minutes) to accommodate your preferred schedule. Please note that this may not always be possible. We appreciate your flexibility.


NOTE: The real cost of music programming at YOFES are not covered entirely by your monthly tuition payments and fees. The true cost per child for OAMEC for one school calendar year amounts is over $3000 of which you are asked to contribute only a portion. In essence all OAMEC students receive a partial scholarship thanks to our generous supporters and funders.

MONTHLY TUITION FEE: $80/ four (4) lessons

REGISTRATION FEE: $20 (non-refundable)

Request for additional scholarship consideration must be submitted to the administration.*Bring a recent pay stub/W-2, any Mass Health base program ( SSI/SSDI, Food Stamp, Unemployment Ins.

Photo Release Form

I hereby grant YOFES the following rights:

1. To use my child’s name, photograph, picture, portrait, likeness and voice (hereinafter collectively known as image) in connection with its educational and promotional materials or for any other legitimate purpose.
2. To use, reproduce, publish, exhibit, distribute and transmit my child’s image individually or in conjunction with other images or printed matter in the production of brochures, motion pictures, television, sound recordings, still photography, internet, theater, exhibition, and/or other media.
3. To record, reproduce, amplify and simulate my child’s image and all sound effects produced.
4. To copyright, in its own name, works that contain my child’s image.

I give permission for my child to participate in Youth and Family Enrichment Services’ OAMEC program. I release YOFES and its subsidiaries from any and all liability in the event of injury to my child during any OAMEC-related activity. I understand that YOFES does not assume responsibility for children who leave any YOFES premises without staff or chaperone supervision during, before, or after OAMEC-related activities. In the unlikely event that medical attention may be necessary for my child, I give consent for the emergency medical treatment of my child, and am liable in full for any and all medical expenses that may incur as a result.

I waive the right to inspect and approve my child’s image or any finished material that incorporate my child’s image.

I waive any and all claims, demand, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind that may arise from the use of my child’s image against the YOFES/or its employees, officers and/or agents based upon or related to its use or publication of my child’s image. This waiver includes all claims for libel and invasion of privacy.

I freely give this authorization without expectation of compensation, now or in the future.

Note: Submitting your applications does not automatically guarantee your child’s acceptance to the program. A confirmation letter will be sent out to every parent whose child is accepted into the program