Summer Program

teams up every year with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to offer a six-week summer program for upper elementary, middle school and high school student in Greater Boston. The program
IMG_9250 provides much-needed enrichment activities and remedial support to a predominantly Haitian and Haitian-American student population.

Students receive academic remedial services, enrichment activities, and counseling for those who need it. BPS pays the teachers and provides the site for the program. BPS teachers provide instruction in English Language Arts, math and English as a Second Language.

Every day, after academic classes, the kids receive instruction in one or two enrichment activities, including martial arts, sports, dance or a musical instrument of their choice. Program participants are in grades 1 through 12, many of whom recently arrived from Haiti and others who have been here for a while or were born here.

YoFES also partners with the Haitian Mental Health Network to provide direct services to students in need of counseling and social and emotional support. A school psychologist visits three times a week to provide one-on-one and group sessions. The non-profit organization also provides the musical instruments to students. For more information, download our application.




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